House Cleaning in Henderson, NV by the Flippin Cleaners

House Cleaning in Henderson



modern house cleaned by the Flippin Cleaners

We like things clean, we like to be as green as possible, and we like to be active. When we clean your home, we use green products wherever we can, but not with limiting quality. This means that we still use standby products until a green product of high quality and our liking comes along…

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We like to be in good physical shape, so when we clean, we clean homes fast.

It’s just plain good for us!

We move fast enough so the job is done at optimal speed, NOT wasting your valuable time or ours.

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Business name: Flippin Cleaners
Address: 1445 American Pacific Dr #110, Henderson, NV 89074
(by appointment only)
Phone: (702) 460-8927

Reasons to Hire a Professional House Cleaning Company (Hint: Go with the Flippin Cleaners!)

Hiring a professional cleaning company does not have to feel like an unreachable luxury. There are many affordable services, you just must look for them and we guarantee you once you find them, the benefits will be many. Often, the perks of hiring a house cleaning service are often overlooked – let us share just a few of them with you!


  1. Cleaners Know What They Are Doing

There is no doubt that professional cleaners know the ins and outs of successfully cleaning a home. They pay high attention to detail, bring their own supplies, and leave homes spotless. Without a doubt, they will do a better job at cleaning your home than you and there is no shame in that! After all, this is their chosen profession and how they make money.

You can be confident that an experienced cleaning service will use the best products and cleaning methods when beautifying your space!


  1. Manage Your Time 

Not only will the hiring of a cleaning service give you an abundance of free time, it will also give you the opportunity to manage your time more efficiently. Everyone is busy in their own way. Schedules get filled with work, school, driving the kids to soccer games, cooking dinner, etc. A house cleaning company takes care of the housework which is the one thing that can take up most of your time.


  1. It’s Not as Expensive as You Think 

While this type of service is often seen as an expensive luxury, there are plenty of house cleaning companies that are affordable. Keep in mind that the benefits you’ll receive from their services will be worth the expense. You can begin the search for an affordable service by looking online or asking friends and relatives.


  1. Let’s Face It, Who Likes to Clean?

It is as simple as this! We may all know the basics of cleaning, but who truly enjoys constantly cleaning their home? And who’s to say we are aren’t missing places such as the ceiling fans, tops of shelves, window sills, or even decorative items. Cleaning companies will literally dust and wipe your entire home so that you can focus on what is truly important to you.


  1. You Deserve It

Cleaning requires time, patience, and energy that we may lack at times. One of the best ways to reward yourself is in the hiring of a professional cleaning company. This fresh treat will give you extra time to do whatever it is you want to do. You can go for a walk at the park, spend time with your family, or read that book you’ve been wanted to read for the past month. The possibilities are endless!

These are only a few reasons to hire a house cleaning company. If weekly cleanings are not in your budget, then you can consider a deep cleaning once a month. Your life is busy enough; treat yourself. You owe it to yourself and your family!