9 Tips to Achieve a House That is Clean Every Day

Who would not want a home that is sparkling clean? We all would want to live in a place that indicates peaceful human dwelling, not Armageddon. Somehow though, with our everyday concerns, stressful jobs, hectic schedules, and six rowdy kids, our desire ends up being reduced to a dream. How does one get that sparkling clean house? Here are 12 tips:

1.    Use Doormats 

You’ll find your daily cleaning task easier if at the first place, you have a nice doormat to prevent dirt from entering your doorstep. It is a big thing to keep outside grime from smearing your floors.

2.    Make Your Bed Everyday

It only takes 3-5 minutes to fix your bed upon waking up. An unwrinkled bed is a sign of a clean home; it also helps with a clear mind.

3.    Use containers

Group your stuff accordingly and place them neatly in containers like plastic ware. This will not only cause you to find things quickly, but to also save space in your house.

4.    Organize Immediately

Electric bills, paperwork, stuffed animals, toys, books, underwear – these random things make a mess of your house if not dealt with immediately. Make it a habit to put your things in their proper places as soon as you get them.

5.    Do Nightly Clean Ups

15 minutes before going to bed, pick up some trash in the living room and wipe your tables clean. This helps a lot in having a tidy home to wake up to and is a nice relaxer before bed.

6.    Allot General Cleaning Schedules

Do not just clean on a binge. Give yourself an appointed time to deal with windows, bathrooms, cabinets, and other things that are not often cleaned. 15 minutes per day can make a huge difference.

7.    Sanitize

There a lot of cleaning products to help you sanitize and disinfect your place of dwelling. Use them whenever you can- get rid of those germs.

8.    Keep Things in Their Proper Places

Assign a place for everything in your house. Most importantly, remember to return your things right back where you got them.

9.    Clean as You Go

There’s no better mantra to live by when it comes to house cleaning but to clean as you go. By being diligent and disciplined with the littlest things in your house, you will find that achieving a sparling clean home is not impossible.

Post by Flippin Cleaners, your Henderson & Las Vegas, Nevada house cleaning company.