Electricians in Las Vegas, Nevada

Need an electrician in Las Vegas? Need help with your home repair & construction in Las Vegas, or Henderson?

We have you covered! We work with one of the top electricians in southern Nevada. They now offer lighting installation, home electric repairs in Las Vegas, ceiling fan installation, and a whole lot more!

Finding a good electrician can be nearly impossible! When you need a quality and certified electrician, you should be sure to check if they are licensed and insured, bonded and technically qualified! I know, I know, this can be a lot of work. But let me tell you, the importance of hiring someone that actually knows what they are doing is extremely important. Before I met the service providers, I had a couple of bad run ins with horribleĀ companies.

First, I needed help setting up the pool lighting and electrical (more info below), but the electrician was 2 hours late and didn’t even say sorry or call! Let me tell you, I only stick with top quality providers now.

Second time I ran into a situation like this, I had to call the top ten companies listed on Google. Little did I know that I should always check yelp reviews too. I missed a horrible review about a company that I called to come out to the house and help with some basic breakerĀ upgrades (more info below). Then the person that came to my house didn’t even bring the proper equipment to fix the issue. BUT I told them what I needed done before they even came. It was horrible, let me tell you.